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YOUR WELLNESS MOMENT/ January 23, 2022

Posted on May 8, 2016 at 10:30 AM

UPDATED: January 23, 2022

Why is our care different from other offices?  (1) We take the time to LISTEN.  (2) Your treatment schedule is very individual with us.  I RARELY see a need to see a client three times a week for a month or two. (3) AND it does not have to involve an uncomfortable adjustment experience.   

Here is what chiropractic is all about.  Your NERVOUS SYSTEM.  Keeping it CLEAR and FUNCTIONING WELL!  

The Nervous System is an integral part of EVERY SYSTEM in your body.  It is the first system to develop in utero!  It is  therefore. connected to  all your glands, including your heart.   This means, for example that it is VERY involved with proper HORMONE balance and regulation. And it goes without saying that your muscles and joints respond to stimuli from the nervous system.  So would you not consider it important to keep it CLEAR and enrgizing every cell in your body?  It is a simple as that!!  This conviction, this awareness, this knowledge is what will assist you to regain your health. 

Many things that happen in your life influence your nervous sysytem.  Essentially there are three categories;  Physical trauma, Chemical influences and Emotional factors.  You know you have had challenges in all of these areas. (falls, car acidents, medications, loss of a job and/or a loved one)  * It is OK to ask for help to assist you in handling these difficult issues in your life!  Understand that chiropractic is not just for back pain! Our care can play a vital role in your healing through these issues and traumas.

We are here to help you even if at times it would mean referring you to another professional.  If I or YOU feel you need other intervention, we will work with you and see that this happens for you.

I do not have all the answers BUT I do have many to offer you.  DO NOT WAIT any longer.  Time is not on your side here.  We are here to offer what we know to help YOU.  I know I can assist you attain your goals of being healthier.  Together we can do this.  

Our specialty is healthy simple nutrition and gentle chiropractic adjustments. (weight issues, hormone imbalances, energy concerns, and  improved sleep, pain management, trauma recovery, etc).

 Contact us today!  We would love to share our knowledge, skills and experience with you!   (207-329-9742) Please leave a message.

This month's WELLNESS TIP: I'd like to share two tips for the winter season:  Important to take Vit D unless you arew living where you can suntan during the winter months!  And the other is to share significant news about the use of the MediHerb product- TURMERIC FORTE, it is very useful for assisting w/inflammation in the body.  Recent successes reported with FIBROMYALGIA.   

Have been told or do you suspect you are having an issue with your Thyroid, Adrenal or perhaps your Kidneys or Liver?  Healthy organs is a vital component in a healthy Immune System. You may want to explore powerful Natural Supplements including the proven power of Herbs!  (chemicals/prescriptionscare not the ultimate answer to healing)! True at times they are necessary, however true healing comes from proven natural remedies.  I encourage you to be open to ALTERNATIVES!


BE WELL!  Dr. Rog  

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